ZOSTAVAX ( Shingles Vaccine )

VACCINE available free from November 1st 2016 For 70 - 79 years of age

Can reduce pain associated with shingles by 67% in patients age 60+

33 million doses have been given worldwide since 2006

Generally well tolerated, most common side effects are redness, pain/tenderness, swelling at itch at the injection site

97% of Adults have had the Virus

1 in 3 Adults will be affected by Shingles in their lifetime

Please note if you have had a recent attack of shingles - there is a 12 month exclusion period

Speak to the Doctor and Practice Nurse Reagrding the above.

60 - 69 years old can recieve the vaccine but it is not covered by the government

You can have this medication privately if you wish. Cost about $260.00 for the Private Vaccine