Policy ( Document date : 12/10/2019)


Key Issues 


  1. Consent to Communicate Electronically to be recorded and dated

  2. All communications will be recorded in Patient Case Notes

  3. Emails are for all non clinical matters

  4. Persistently checking patients details and contact information

  5. We will not communicate via social media.

  6. All communication to conform to the Privacy Act 


Email Policy 


  1. Only non clinical matters will be managed, clinical matters need to be dealt with via phone or Face to Face Consultation. 

  2. If we have signed consent then we can communicate this way.

  3. Email is un-encrypted and has risks, if we do email we will send a PDF where possible and have a password lock. The password will go to the mobile number via computer generated SMS. A copy of these details will be recorded in the patients notes.

  4. Our practice email is

  5. Please allow 72 hours to respond to emails.


SMS ( Text Messaging) 


  1. We can communicate this way if have appropriate consents 

  2. It will be from our computer system

  3. Patients can only receive and should not respond

  4. Will be used for 

       (a) Appointment Reminders

       (b) Need to Contact Surgery for Results ( no results given over SMS, unless documented consent 

        (c) Recalls and Reminders 

5. Texts should not contain any identifiable data.

6. All communications will be recorded in our patient records.


Examples of SMS


  1. You have an appointment at 2.15pm with Dr ………on 12 October 2019

  2. Please Contact the Surgery to discuss your recent results 

  3. You are now due for a (Pap smear . Blood test , bone density, diabetes check etc)


All message will end by stating this is computer generated and please do not respond to the message. Regards Torrens Clinic.